Cable TV

All living accommodation serviced by the GlavUpDK is equipped with TV systems of collective use, which transmit Russian and foreign TV channels.

Procedure of installation of personal TV satellite antennas in the buildings of GlavUpDK

An order of fitting of individual satellite TV antennas at the GlavUpDK buildings.

Additionally, subject to a separate contract and subscription plan, you can connect to satellite TV systems and install an individual satellite TV antenna. The GlavUpDK provides tenants the right to install TV antennas exclusively on the roofs, subject to technical availability. For this, you need to submit an application stating the size of an antenna, the name of TV channels and the satellite that provides transmission.

The right for installation is provided subject to a contract for installation of transmission equipment. The rates are paid according to the GlavUpDK subscription plans. Prior to installation, you need to agree the works with the GlavUpDK, specifying the place on the roof where the antenna is to be installed, the calculations for its wind-withstanding capacity, and the trenches for cable lines.

Independent installation of satellite TV antennas on the balconies and facades of the building is not allowed.

For further information on cable TV and installation of satellite TV antennas, please call:

  • +7 (495) 770-35-21 — Ulyanov Sergey Yurievich
  • +7 (495) 770-35-46 — Andreyanov Andrey Valerievich
  • or by e-mail