Maintenance of the objects (premises)

Paid technical management services may be provided in your rented accommodation by the GlavUpDK.

The services include (typical agreement forms are provided):

  • Sanitary services (garbage removal, snow cleaning, territory cleaning, disinfection, lamp change)
  • Communal services (heating, electricity, gas) and telecom services
  • Technical maintenance services for: elevators, electrical networks, heating and sewage systems, security and fire alarms, electrical and gas equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems and other engineering objects.
  • Refurbishing and overseeing of refurbishing works
  • Obtaining permissions for work
  • Refurbishing works that change the exterior of buildings and facilities, implementation or liquidation of (...) or niches takes into account the time required to agree these changes with the city institutions.

Technical maintenance of engineering equipment: Alexey Leonidovich Krasnov, the head of the department, +7 (495) 770-3587