Emergency maintenance service

24 hours:
+7(499)143-6598 (факс)

The head: Mikhail Petrovich IVANOV

Sergey Alexandrovich ANANYEV
Anatoly Ivanovich BUNKIN
Mikhail Andreevich MITYAEV
Nikolai Yurievich BONDAR

For all owned and managed properties the GlavUpDK provides a 24-hour support of professional Emergency and Repair service specialists to deal with emergencies and undertake the following works:

  1. Electrical work: switching of electrical leads on Mosenergo application; repair and replacement of current transformers; elimination of the consequences of accidents (e.g., wiring short circuit).
  2. Connection of portable and stationary electrical equipment.
  3. Maintenance of heating stations.
  4. Conducting telesurveys of sewer channels to detect lesions, with subsequent repairs.
  5. Removal of sewage blockages, adjustment of heating and domestic hot water (emergencies).
  6. Repairs of plumbing fixtures.
  7. Replacement of heating pipes, plumbing, hot water, cold-water sewer with isolation.
  8. Replacement of plumbing and control valves, flow regulators, etc.
  9. Repair of gates and garage doors, fences using electric gas welding (emergencies), cutting and trimming of dry trees.
  10. Perform repair and cleaning of the roof of snow and ice (winter) (emergencies).
  11. Production, installation and removal of winter trays using aerial platforms.
  12. Production and repair of drain pipes, elbows, tides, etc.
  13. Removing of flaking plaster and icicles from the facades of buildings using aerial platforms.
  14. Glazing of windows and doors.
  15. Production of keys, repair of lock, opening safes, safe deposit boxes reencoding, installation of box locks.

Where to refer for fire safety maintenance

All inquiries regarding methodological help in ensuring fire safety for tenants and management company’s contractors, as well as fire safety monitoring on the property may be referred to the Property Management Department of the GlavUpDK: +7 (495) 770-32-61, +7 (495) 637-22-27


Fax: +7 (495) 637-7417